Studio 3.1

Yakov Chernikhov

Unknown Name and Date

Image Reference Link:

Chernikhov was a Russian artist whose work was based solely on architecture. Even by the hardest critics, his work has been deemed as “unique and provides impressive evidence of the dominance of the imaginary over the factual and representational.” What intrigues me the most about his work is the strong linear qualities and aspects of colour which provides us with visually pleasing “skeletons” of architectural forms, that look controlled and very neat. This work in particular looks quite futuristic and gives a sense of a new dimension being achieved within architectural art and it reflects openness to using limitless possibilities that express beauty and movement within architecture. These factors especially, are very intriguing to me alongside the fact that it appears to be quite surreal in the sense that its very unlikely that you would see architecture like this is real life.

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